Non-thesis masters degrees

This terminal degree program takes a research-based, practical approach to training aspiring human resource and employee management professionals for sustained career success. The program is designed to have students complete graduate studies needed to advance their careers whether their career be in public accounting, corporate accounting, or government accounting and prepare them for the Certified Public Accountant CPA exam.

Non-Thesis Routes

You need to think seriously about what motivates you, what subject area you are most interested in, and what are your strongest skills. Requests will not be considered during the summer months. Most of these programs include a rigorous curriculum, covering the theoretical aspects of the field, extensive training in how to conduct and analyze research, and clinical skills for work with clients.

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Degrees Offered Master of Arts M. The fully online master of education in educational psychology option offers students a flexible path to earning a widely respected teaching degree, and can be completed in just two years of part-time study.

The Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a course work only program requiring a capstone consisting of a portfolio or written exam. The best part is you can graduate in two years or less while maintaining your family and professional life commitments because this program is online and flexible with your lifestyle.

The student is required to conduct interdisciplinary scholarly work culminating in a disquisition acceptable in both major areas. At least three 3 courses or nine 9 hours from among the twelve courses must be in applied mathematics.

Second Semester, 9 hours. The major adviser will act as the chair of the student's supervisory committee and will be in charge of the Plan of Study.

Both letters should be submitted to the Graduate Office before the start of the Fall or Spring semester. If you're aiming for a career that isn't research-intensive or you want to continue your education at a professional school, choose the non-thesis track.

Master of Software Engineering M. The Master of Natural Resources Management degree is designed as a professional, non-thesis degree program specifically designed for students holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management or a closely related field who are seeking an educational opportunity for advanced course work culminating in a professional terminal degree.

Didactic courses and clinical experience courses focus on prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries resulting from physical activity.

Nanotechnology (MS) – Non-Thesis

You can complete it in less than 2 years time. If you're earning your master's degree in biology with the intention of pursuing career in research or academia, this is the track you should choose.

The student selects the adviser with approval of the program administrator and the Dean of the Graduate College. The major adviser, who must be a full or affiliate member of the graduate faculty Level 1 or 2.

In many cases, students will have the opportunity to present their findings at conferences and student presentations.

Before deciding which route to take, please review the below checklists to see which option might be a better fit for you. Master of Construction Management M.

At the conclusion of the examination, the examining committee shall record, in writing, approval or disapproval. Through its globally oriented worldview, JFKU emphasizes the complete personal growth of its students.

The Master of Software Engineering degree is a non-thesis, professional degree program for students who want to update or upgrade their credentials in software engineering. The disquisition in a near final form must be given to the committee members no fewer than seven 7 days prior to the examination.

List of master's degrees in North America

Candidates for the Master of Arts degree will meet the general requirements and those specific requirements in the humanities or social and behavioral sciences; these typically include two years of a foreign language.

The non-thesis Master’s degree programs in Biology, Microbiology, and Zoology are designed to make a substantial contribution to the intellectual development of students who are not interested in pursuing a research-oriented career in science.

To earn the non. Over the course of the past fifteen years there has been a shift within the field of psychology, which has led to an increasing number of master’s degree holders providing care to those in need of mental health services.

Many colleges and universities are now offering master’s degree programs in psychology and counseling to serve as terminal degrees. M.S. with Non-Thesis Requirements M.S. with Non-Thesis Requirements The Non-Thesis M.S.

is a terminal degree (in that students who receive this degree and wish to pursue a Ph.D. must reapply for admission into the MSE Graduate Program). The non-thesis Master’s degree programs in Biology, Microbiology, and Zoology are designed to make a substantial contribution to the intellectual development of students who are not interested in pursuing a research-oriented career in science.

Graduate Degree Programs Offered AT THE LOYOLA SCHOOLS In line with the University’s over-arching vision and mission, the Loyola Schools offers the following graduate academic programs. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences offers four degree programs.

Traditional Masters of Science and Ph.D. degrees are in wildlife and fisheries sciences. The department also offer two distance education programs, a Masters of Wildlife Science and a Masters of Natural Resource Development. Both of these programs are non-thesis.

The Masters of Natural Resources.

Non-thesis masters degrees
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